Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010 GOOD SHEPHERD

After a rough Saturday morning, I believe that I was destined to visit Good Shepherd in Tagaytay yesterday.

I have been a fan of Good Shepherd since I was young because of their strawberry jam (they now have sugar free), Ube and all-natural lemongrass soaps.  But in my frequent visits, I never had the time to explore the entire grounds. 

Until yesterday.

The visit at Good Shepherd was only meant to replenish my soap stocks.  But since we were early for lunch, my top of mind friend, Patti, suggested to take a quick tour of the convent grounds.  So, we did.

The moment I stepped foot on their "main house", I felt this . . .

I was speechless.  I allowed the feeling to embrace me.  I walked slow to capture every single sight that crossed my path.

Behind the image is the Taal Volcano

the main house

Inside the house, I took time to read these notes posted on their wall.

It is this particular note that struck me . . .

I then wanted to find a spot where I could meditate the words written on this note.  I did not need to look far. 

Patti and this path . . .

. . .  led me to a cottage called the Prayer Hammock.

The Prayer Hammock is considered a holy ground.

View from the Prayer Hammock

Surrounded by plants and colorful flowers

Husband in a meditative (or sleeping) mode.  Lol!

Patti, I, and my bead :)

In our 30-minute tour, I realized that "quick" healing does happen. 

It took a half day of roughness. An overnight of grudge.

But only a 30-minute tour to heal.

Before we left to meet the rest of the Top of Mind friends, I looked back and promised myself to visit this place again soon.


Visit this link to know more about the Good Shepherd Sisters and Maryridge Healing and Renewal House.

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