Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010 A DONKEY TODAY

I am officially DONKEY today! 

I am deliberately (?) annoying everyone around me including
Lolo Cat who sleeps under the car all day long!
Feeling so restless.
Can't wait any longer . . .

How long does it take to cut and sew the edges of a scarf? 
Make that around 50 or so pieces.
Would you know?
The beads still need to be attached to the scarves.
Then, I have to take photos for documentation and posting purposes.

Ugh!!! Why oh why aren't they here yet? 
2 weeks since I handed over the materials.
They said 10 AM.  It's 10 past 10.
What do you think? 
Must be traffic?  A flat tire?
But they are just nearby.
They can walk. Although, it's TOO HOT.
Not an excuse.  They said 10 AM.

So, why are they not here yet?

Ok, 10 minutes . . . then I'll text, call and email again . . .
Ooh! Is it them? . . .

This is my favorite scene in Shrek 2.  Sound is too soft. 
But sharing with you how donkey I am today!  Lol.

Ask me . . .

Are they here now?

. . . NOT YET!!!

11pm, closing time . . . 
I am so ready to ask my end of the day question to the pharmacy staff 
 . . . I cross my fingers! 
Hope they won't reply with a NOT YET!

Enough of this . . .  Have a happy Monday!

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