Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My ballet teacher's office was heaven.  It was in her small office where I discovered MAGIC.  With my my determination to learn magic, I started to sneak stuff from home and brought them to ballet class.  At 7, I was proud of my young self for discovering these life saving quick fix solutions.

to hide the 1 to 10 daily homework list  written in my homework diary from Mom.

to seal Mom's broken coffee cups.

How cool can that be?!  These quick fix solutions were the answer to my prayer..........................for only a single night (bummer!).  

I then began to see Mom in a different light.  She was the undercover detective who secretly monitored sneaky moves,  unearthed well-hidden evidence and brilliantly solved mind-boggling puzzles. Sly like a fox. She was the cop and I was the robber.

 If only I had known better.  Liquid Papers and Mighty Bonds are indeed quick fix solutions.  But never did they claim that they were magic potions to cover up my crime/s.   LOL!

In beading, there are days when I wish quick fix solutions existed most especially when:

I feel totally un-inspired . . .
I break glass beads . . .
I keep re-doing pieces such as this year's Flora collection (the hardest and longest time to put together).

Yet, being like the undercover detective Mom who I met when I was 7, I grew and learned that there are NO QUICK FIX SOLUTIONS when you desire for something perfect.

It's either you stick with a scarred cup ... or replace it with brand new.

Design and create a bead work with a half-heart ... or patiently re-do your work from the beginning until  you reach that 110% satisfaction.

In other words, it is a choice between OK(?)  ... or ... PERFECT!

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