Thursday, March 4, 2010


I became a backseat driver since the time I learned how to drive.  I even formulated an absurd theory that my husband magnetizes reckless drivers on the road.

True enough, we almost got hit last Sunday night. A negative case of law of attraction.

We both reacted to the situation with heated heads.  Unfortunately and like in any other case, the reckless driver did not care at all.  He zoomed away, while we were left with anger which then evolved to a vicious arguement and a ten to fifteen minute tricycle ride.  Like what I said in my blog yesterday,  there are days when we are filled with swirls and twirls . . . that night was one of them.

We patched things up in the morning.  Then, I started analyzing with a cooler head and a calmer heart.

The situation was not a matter of who did wrong or right.  It was a matter of allowing a bad situation rule over us.  In our journey together, we have come to realize that there is no such thing as a straight path.

There will always be twists and turns that will either surprise us with good or tempt us with bad.

Now, it's all up to us how to react and handle the situation.   There are no easy steps especially when faced with the unforeseen and the unexpected. 

All I know is that let this be a lesson learned.
To the Reckless Driver(s) of Alabang Zapote Road (and everywhere else): 

You may have your reason.  But let me ask you a question. If you come across this, the exact same thing that crossed my path when I trekked down the slopes of Tagaytay, will you take the risk of being the cause of its harm?

 Think about it.  Maybe there's a little bit of care in your heart. If none,  life does not deserve YOU.

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