Friday, March 26, 2010

The Diary of a Wimpy ME!

The deal. .  . Thou shall not be a WIMP, a MORON like ME~!

The car was a teeny-weeny inch away from the fence that separated the HUGE Hi-Way from the small Side Road.  I was on the side getting ready for the daredevil stunt.

What??? and Why???

I riduculously and insanely believed that PHOTOGRAPHY while DRIVING was ultra-Cool!  Snap and Zoom!

FIRST SNAP. Not bad huh?
The left on the wheel while the right snapped. Multi-tasking!

A closer 2nd SNAP!
Totally dissatisfied.  The tint came unnoticed. 
 I had to do the last make or break snap!

and this is it!. . .the make or break SNAP.!
Notice the car is somewhat tilted to the right (?). Yup! Towards the fence.

Horrid thoughts ran in my mind. The end was within reach.  But I didn't see the "light".  It was OFF! Lol.  What if it were ON??? Makes me wonder how  YOU and everyone else will react to my "insane" stunt . . . especially when you find out what this hocus pocus is all about.

Ok! Ok! It's all about this . . .

Lol!  Looking forward to April 3.

A nightly line I used to tell "ELMO" (a college friend) over the phone . . . "WHY STUDY? WHAT'S THE PURPOSE???  WE'LL  DIE ANYWAY!" . . . I was 17-ish.  I refused to understand. Once upon a time in our lives, we were faced with this question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  Uhm!  Easy to answer . . .  DOCTOR, engineer, BUSINESSMAN, lawyer, SUPERSTAR!!!, the PRESIDENT of the country  . . . what else?  In other words, there is an abundance of titles you can choose from.

My folks never dictated (not even once) the profession they envisioned for me. Now, I wonder why???   I sort of weaved my way through the hullaballoo.  No plan, No vision, whatever was attractive (tempting) there i went.

Have I known that beads were my calling, I should have taken bead-ery (whatever!).  But at 17 who would ever think of beads.

I wanted BUCKS!!!
I wanted BUCKS!!! to conquer the world!!!

But now, I'm "a bit over" bucks!?  Really?  I said "a bit" right.

Ergo, I feel 17 again and faced with the same W_mPY and Mor_n-ic question . . . So what do I want to be when I grow up?

Corporate . . . check!
my own Business . . . check!
Bead hobby . . . check!

Oh! here's one . . . when I grow up (remember, nothing's too late!), I want to be a DAREDEVIL PHOTO-DRIVER!!!


  1. Trix, you make me wonder how much "bucks" you have now, to get over it.:P To tell you the truth, I super envy you and trying to earn my "dream bucks" to retire early. I won't be doing beads though when the time comes, that's yours already. Thinking of something in the line of....of

  2. Lilet - aside from hair, you can also work around make-up or colored contact lenses! On the bucks, its for me to know and for you and everyone else to wonder! hahaha!

  3. Trix, kaya nga wonder lang. I don't wanna ask baka lalo ako ma-inggit. hahaha. I thought about make-up too but I'm not really good at it. Baka nails pa. The colored lenses was just a phase of my younger years, di na mauulit. :P

  4. Lilet, the key is -- go for what you want! Good Luck and hope to see you soon :)


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