Tuesday, March 9, 2010


As of today, I have 425 friends in Facebook who are categorized according to  longtime friends, relatives, ex-co-workers, former schoolmates, business partners, acquaintances, and a handful of who I have not met at all

Have you ever thought of how many among your Facebook friends you can proudly say that you know by heart?  Or let's put it the other way around.  How many among your Facebook friends know the real you?

Something to ponder about, right? 

Mine is easy.  I have 4 plus me ... so that makes it 5!

But these 4 (plus me) don't fall under any of the Facebook friend categories I mentioned above. 

I call them  the "TOP OF MIND" friends. 

We met at work years ago.  We are now living our lives apart.  There was a time when we were together night and day.  Work in the mornings . . . Coffee sessions in the afternoons . . . and Party in the evenings. 

But during my bridal shower in 2006, something hit our hearts that made  us realize that we cannot forever be together. We made a choice to pursue our individual dreams.  In doing so, we had to tearfully embrace the separate paths we needed to take. 

Today, Joy and Irene are living their lives in the US.  Joy is living her independent life in Manhattan, but still engages herself with the same old rituals (lol!).   Hot Mama Irene, on the other hand, is busy with her Mommy duties and is hopefully starting to learn a few Wife must dos like cooking (...and playing Fish World and Bejeweled. Lol!).

Donna is back in Manila building her newly acclaimed title as an Interior Designer, but is still able to lure with her same sexy bedroom voice.  Patti now works for a hotel, and remains to be the kindred sister of the group.

And (plus me), I hope you already know by now what I have been busy with.

Despite the distance and the different paths we took, we live our days knowing in our hearts that the 4 (plus me) are bound by the friendship we share up to this day.  We rarely see each other but we still do communicate . . .  sharing our stories, unloading our emotions or simply being there for no reason at all.

I call Patti, Joy, Irene, Donna (plus Trixie) TOP OF MIND  friends.  It is them who I instantly think of and run to at times of laughter and tears . . .  even if our only way of communicating these days is through Facebook.

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