Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23, 2010 three HIDDEN places

Location and Visibility are key points frequently identified when setting-up a retail business.  The general idea is - high traffic areas generate more sales.

Maybe true.

But let me show you these three known spots in Tagaytay that make you wonder how they have charmed millions of hearts despite their hidden location.  These places have already been blogged so many times but here are my "four/five-liner" thoughts why I frequent these places.


BAWAI'S (Vietnamese cuisine)
Bawai's was introduced to us by our friend . . . the daughter of Bawai.  Since my first visit, I have repeatedly patronized Bawai's for the freshness of their food and for satisfying my addiction to  their dish named BUN BO XAO (dry noodles with seared beef and vegetables). I am not a picky eater but once I fall in love with a certain taste, I can eat the same thing over and over again.  Dining in Bawais is absolutely a heartwarming treat because of their personalized service which makes you feel that you are just right at your own home. http://bawais.multiply.com

There's so much to say about Sonyas Garden.  I have long been in love with this place.  I celebrated my marriage here.  A few years after, my bead works found its spot in their Country Store.  

So what do I love most?  I say EVERYTHING they offer . . .  beautiful flowers, ROSE SCENT oil, their BREADS at the Panaderia, salad VEGETABLES grown right at their backyard and of course their very own DRESSING, my masseuse DIVINE,  their evening sounds of KUNDIMAN, the HOSPITABLE staff, twinkling colored lights, TARAGON tea,  EMBROIDERED LINEN . . . and ART pieces hidden in secret rooms :)  Sonya herself showed me an authentic Manansala painting a year ago. http://www.sonyasgarden.com/

I discovered the healing power of honey found in Ilog Maria's products like soaps, shampoo, liquid soap, lotions, energy boosters, bee pollen, throat spray, ointments, liniments, anti-mosquito oils, cider vinegar,  candles, wood polish, natural oils.  

To get to Ilog Maria, you need to pass thru a very narrow rough road  where literally one car can only fit. The best part is during times when cows, goats or chickens cross your path. It might turn out to be a bit toxic especially for the first-timers.  But once you reach Ilog Maria, it's worth the travel.  http://www.ilogmaria.com  

More than the products these three offer, I have come to realize that they have one thing in common.   They do not indulge themselves with heavy marketing strategies. They only have their website to create awareness and share information about who they are and what they offer.

Yet, people keep going back despite the distance and hidden location.  The reason may be the products they offer . . . the TASTE . . .the experience they openly share with everyone who visits their place. 

Or perhaps like me, I found in them a deep admiration. 

They have captured my heart for this simple reason . . .  THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO and LIVE WHAT THEY DREAM

p.s. My bead and I spent Sunday at these 3 hidden places with  the top of mind friends (minus Joy). http://bybeadedstory.blogspot.com/2010/03/march-9-2010-top-of-mind-friends.html

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