Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010 One Body. One Mind. One Heart.

My heart breaks each time I say STOP.

Remember my blog  about the little girl who wanted to pursue her nursing dreams by doing volunteer work and still continue her employment at the pharmacy

Today, she will  face the red light and give me her final decision.

There is no longer any other option when expectations are frequently turning into disappointments.

I have long learned that we cannot always have the best of both worlds. At a certain point, one will succeed and the other will be left behind.  Multi-tasking is  key to be recognized on this day and age. I know, I went through the juggling act. But the reality is, we can only do much. We only have one body, one mind and one heart.

In life, we are often faced with difficult choices. Do I turn left? . . . Do I turn right? . . . Do I go straight? . . .  Or, do I turn back?

But I have always believed that when choosing, I choose the path where I can grow and yet be contented. There were days when I made wrong and hurtful choices. I stumbled. But now I know that all these had a purpose. I grew more and I learned MOST.

I pray that when little girl faces me today, she sincerely chooses and says what is in her heart , and not what she thinks I want to hear.

This is her journey after all . . . She just crossed my path for guidance and direction.

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