Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010 do I study again? NO!

I was once adviced by my big boss to pursue a masteral degree or perhaps just take  a few units related to what I was about to swim into. . . My reply . . . "Units of what???" . . . This was a few weeks before I left my chika and showbiz world and was about to enter an unknown realm composed of cash flow, balance sheets, ROIs, profit and losses,  legal matters, strategic planning, lease contracts and so many more. 

I never saw myself studying again.  Even as simple as stepping foot in any school ground to inquire is absolutely non-existent in my agenda list.

Yet, the big boss was persistent.  But with my definitition of obedience, of course I did not follow.  I knew I will survive without having to study again and I did (whew!).  In the many times she mentioned this, my reply eventually evolved to . . . (in a very slow talking pace) "Okaaaaaaaaaay. I'll go back to school as long as the units I take are:  . . .hmm Photography? . . . maybe Painting? . . .  oh!  I like to add Beading?  . . . . or I think I can  survive baking!  Remembering this x-years ago moment makes me laugh.  It was literally a scenario of a mom (big boss) encouraging her stubborn child (me) to study.

I am sure my former office colleague/friend, and who by the way took up masters,will be shocked if I say. . .  (oh! this should be said in a very soft and tiny voice) . . . that I am amazed with folks who pursue further studies. Between us, she receives in person a totally opposite statement from me.  I bluntly tell her that her studies will ruin our friendship!  haha! 

But yes, I am truly amazed. After a long stressful day at work, she still had the energy to go to school, to push her brain cells to work at night, do homeworks and case studies. I often wondered what made her choose this path to take.  She managed so well considering the work that we both did during the day which often times extended to night.  If I were in her shoes, I definitely passed out right in front of the school gate.

I got my answer just last Wednesday (reason for my sleepless night aside from the coffee from Figaro).  That afternoon, I was faced by my youngest staff with a dilemma.  Boy, roles can really change.  Wish I was still playing the child's role.  She wanted to pursue her Nursing career by doing volunteer work for a hospital in Las Pinas and yet still work for the pharmacy.  There was really no problem until she submitted her hospital schedule.

I could have said no to her request.  I wanted to say no. Store shift schedules and rest days will definitely go crazy.  But when faced with a teary-eyed little girl who just wanted to pursue her dream, how can I say no.

So, I was right.  The schedule and the store OIC went super dooper crazy.  It took a whole night and a half day to fix the February 2010 shift schedule. 

This morning (the day little girl starts her hospital duty), I explained to my husband the reason for saying yes.

It felt wrong to say yes to the request because of its implications to our store operations.  But it felt all the more wrong if I said NO.  I did not want to shatter little girl's dream.  I wanted her to live it . . . The same way I am living my dreams.

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