Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13, 2010 Precious Treasures 2

I bead with a story. 

I treasure the story of  each precious treasure I own. . .

This came from my friend named Phone Pal. I have never met her in person. I have no idea how she looks. Perhaps, she was the lady I saw in a newspaper article about beauty queens. They had the same name. Maybe yes, maybe not. But we do talk a lot over the phone.

I met an Indian lady 3 years ago in a bazaar. We talked and talked all throughout the 3-day activity. I learned from her how beautiful and artistically rich India is. I wished since then that someday I would be able to visit her in her homeland and experience the India she passionately talked about. On our last day, she gave me this neck piece wrapped in a handpainted elephant blanket.

Sonyas Garden will forever have a special place in my heart.   This was the very first gift given to me by the girls of Sonyas a few months before I tied the knot.   They have helped me in so many ways . . . from special moments. . . to my beads.

I got to know him during a turbulent time in my former work. Amidst the rubble, I found my long lost young brother. He is now living his dream abroad. He gave me this a few months before he left.

We ended at two o'clock this morning.  Afternoon or after dinner coffee/beer-talk sessions are set when hearts need to be heard.  Our names are the same . . . Patricia.     But SHE . . . a traveller . . . with such a beautiful soul . . .  my kindred "sister".  She gave me this last Christmas.

This heirloom came with a note . . . To the daughter I never had . . .

I was feeling low that day. So, I treated myself with this gift. . . . an arrangement by Get Happy! 

A Moon and Star Pendant. The very first precious treasure given by my husband when we were still single

She was one of my judges in an annual awards event. A feisty TV broadcaster. Got into trouble but survived. She gave me this after our Cebu stint. It is this treasure why By Beaded Story now exists.

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