Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19, 2008 CAT WOMAN and her pet Tiger-Bear-Cat

I picked these up from my Aunt's place yesterday . . .

6 beaded cloth necklaces due for delivery next week

When I entered the gate, a guest relations officer greeted me.

Ta Da!!!  Meet Marmalade tiger-bear-cat.  If Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continuously adopt children, my aunt continuously adopts marmalade colored stray cats.  They start thin and eventually evolve into tiger-bear looking cats (if there's such thing).  There's 3 of them in the house, not counting their  older siblings who are exact replicas of these youngest batch.  Hmm...I think they need to go on a diet.  Sad news... their Mother Cat recently passed away (+) probably due to her frequent kitty-birth.  It was just too much. 

Marmalade tiger-bear-cat only stood when he saw cat woman (as seen in the next photo).  Or probably, he had too much photos for the day.  Took a dozen photos and he just kept posing for the camera :)  Good cat!

I realized only yesterday that my aunt's help at home is actually cat woman. Just like this Cat Woman we know :)

Truly a SUPER HERO!!!  My aunt's cat woman maintains the house clean...cooks healthy cuisine...a handyman...spends her afternoons in the garden and makes sure that everything is in bloom whole year round...very loyal...

...she breeds and takes good care of  tiger-bear cats. you should see the cats when cat woman is on a month-long vacation. they go crazy! thus,some of them go on a vacation too and return when cat woman is back. lol!...

and SHE SEWS...

Ok!  I admit. The only sewing technique I know is running stitch.  I learned this in my home economics class when I was still in grade school.  So for all my sewing requirements for my beaded cloth necklaces, cat woman does it .  The credit belongs to her.  BRAVO :)

P.S.  Just like Marmalade tiger-bear-cat, I ribbons too. 

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