Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010 the SALES team

By Beaded Story will not survive without these folks.  They have helped me promote and sell my beads.  Let me introduce to you each one of them  . . . .with their corresponding grade :)

my MOTHER!  Of course, T=ERRIFIC

my friend (the dude in plaid) . . . B=RAVE!!!

definitely my A=ll around guy
(whether it be for By Beaded Story, bazaars I organize or the Pharmacy)
A lola killer too :)

when N=OBODY is available, "N" fills-in the gap. 

If not "N", her sister "I" relieves.  See the body with the I=nvisible head
 That's "I".

the Nanay of Sonyas Garden . . . 
N=ICE but sometimes I=NTIMIDATING :)

my sister "R" . . .  R=EMARKABLY R=ICH!  lol!

and last but not the least, my husband . . .

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