Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010 SAVE MOTHER EARTH

Whew!!! The HEAT is on.  A drastic change from our usual cool February climate. 

Signs that summer 2010 is fast approaching. . .or signs of climate damage!

The truth is, I never really thought of the environment's deterioration until the day my husband and I celebrated 4 in Tagaytay.  I was expecting the same cold weather from previous years.   Instead,  a scorching heat greeted us.  Even my friends from Sonyas Garden, Divine and Fernan, confirmed that the cool February weather is gone.

Alarming!!! It is a reality that we are  facing.

In my own small way, I have committed myself to help save Mother Earth.

Instead of buying storage boxes, I re-use tin cans, pots and bottles to store my beads.

Remember this blog http://bybeadedstory.blogspot.com/2010/01/january-25-2010-flower-garden.html? My thumb is doomed.  So intead of  re-using my pots for plants, I use them for beads.

Tin cans were former containers of ice-cream, moon cakes and wafers. I use them now for my big glass beads and storage for office materials like scissors, ruler, pens, pencils, stapler and more. 

Recycled bottles are now used as vase

On bottles, I discovered ways of sprucing it up from the internet.  Here are a few inspirations which I hope I can develop on my free time.

handpainted empty bottle

bottle transformed into a lovely vase

wind bottles for the garden

add spice to your evenings with colorful bottled lamps.  love this!!!

Celebrate Christmas with a one-of-a-kind tree.
My uncle and aunt's Christmas Tree made of empty wine bottles.

Or convert bottles into a necklace.  Whoa!  Great idea!

I also use pages of old journals as gift wrappers or bead packaging.

My 2009 journal.  I tear off sheets . . .

. . . and use them as packaging for my necklaces.  The necklace in this photo is the 2010 beaded cloth necklace which highlights a big turqouise pendant bound by a scarf .

Every living and breathing being on this planet must do something FAST to save Mother Earth.  Keep in mind that every saving act we do, whether tiny or large, is for you, for your loved ones, for everyone and for the generations to come. Always remember that Life is Beautiful . . . so, let's not ruin it.

P.S.  Heard from "boyfriend" that Al Gore is coming to Manila in April to share his sequel of An Inconvenient Truth :) Hope he can get tickets for all his south-gimik buddies.

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