Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010 FLOWER GARDEN

I love nature. I really do.

I must have collected hundreds of photos with nature as subject (flowers, trees, leaves, parks, mountain slopes, the sea, lakes, sky .... except for animals <& bugs>!).

Oops! Just remembered that I do have a few photos of the youngest in the brood ...

Meet Gizmo! and his best pal (Mr. Brown).

Gizmo (or Gizzy) was too ashamed to have his photo taken in this Hotdog Halloween costume. He tremendously hated us and hid under the table!

But from this ....

To this!!!

Just shows what kind of thumb I own. DOOMED!!! But this does not mean that I cannot build my own garden. I know I can! So, here it is... the last design for my Flora collection ... Flower Garden.


  1. It's really nice! At least you know you still have a GREEN THUMB FOR FLOWERS THOUGH STILL ONES...


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