Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010 QUIAPO DAY

Quiapo is amazing. I guess thousands of people swarm quiapo every single day (except for the day right after the fiesta of the Black Nazarene wherein streets are free from vendors, shoppers and trash!).

Each Quiapo journey stirs excitement. I don’t mind the crowd...the smell of trash… this is how I define shopping anyway. All that runs in my head are the many finds found along the streets.

But this is how my route goes:

(10 am) Take the MRT from Ayala to Edsa, then take the LRT to Carriedo (I choose the not-so-rush hour. I say “not so” because the LRT can still be toxic!) / (10:30 am-10:45am) I arrive at my destination.

Then . . .

I quickly scan and absorb the many finds found along the street leading to the Church (note: I always end up buying oranges and those printed laundry bags which I use to store my clutter.)

Next is a stopover at the Church and say a quick prayer. Worked miracles for me.

And…I begin my work at Villalobos Street. I normally visit 2 known shops (appeared in fashion magazines) and dozens of stalls. But today, I visited 4 shops (less the stalls). Discovered 2 un-known (with no name) shops selling big turquoise rocks (for my beaded cloth necklaces) and star-shaped Mother of Pearls (for my Star and Moon Tala collection). Been looking for these for a long time.

I end (finished or not finished) by 3pm to avoid the rush hour once again. Hard to be sandwiched in a sardine-packed LRT with lots of goods.

My goods today are all waiting to be un-wrapped and be arranged. But I guess it can still wait for a day or two.

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