Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am inspired by a place I frequently visit since I tied the knot 4 years ago...Sonyas Garden.

*Huge sunflowers found near the Tank

Aside from their nourishing menu, wide variety of breads, lovely accommodation, DIVINE massage and must absolutely mention their hospitable service (they just say the magic word, OK =) to all my requests. then Hola! they deliver), I frequent Sonyas Garden because of its tranquility. Embraced by lush greenies, colorful flowers and gentle breeze, I gain strength and my spirit feels recharged when I am there.

*My sister's way of showing "nature" her appreciation :)

Thus, last night's arrangements are dedicated to nature and will therefore fall under my Flora Collection. Here are snapshots of 3 out of 5 designs...please note that I cannot show the full design yet until the remaining 2 are done.

*(1) my tribute to the sun . . . "Lovely Day"

*(2) My tribute to the moon . . . "Dancin' in the MOONlight"

Can't wait to show you "Blue Moon" and "Flower Garden".

P.S. My bead necklaces are available at the Country Store of Sonyas Garden.
*(3) they are all around us . . . "Happy Angels"

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