Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010 the TALA in my mind

Experienced a momentary lull yesterday. This usually happens in between collections.  Wanted to start with my Tala designs but had no idea how to begin.  Thus, I spent the afternoon going through my long list of personal emails when I came across this photo. I ended up gazing intently at it for a couple of hours.

This photo was taken by sister "R" in one of her trips last year. I'm pretty sure that sister "R" has no idea who the lady in white is (not even her first name).  But seems like she works for a restaurant and is in-charge of accommodating diners (hmm???). 

I continued to stare and wondered why I requested for a copy.   I even manipulated the photo.  Here's a close-up version.

Then I realized why I liked this photo.  The color of her skin vis-a-vis the whiteness and texture of her clothes show contrast yet both colors emit a sense of sincerity and pureness. Making it more  interesting is her ready smile for photo moments like this =)

At 6 pm, I was still lost.  No use in pushing it.  I decided to take a break and stepped out of the house.  It was in this very moment when I knew how to begin my Tala collection.  I saw and took a photo of this ...

A jet zooming across the peeping moon. I was absolutely in awe!  I then began my work.  With the two images in my mind, I ended up with my first Tala design.


  1. hello :) how much are these necklaces?:)



  2. Hi Faye. Apologies for the delayed reply. This Tala design came out in 2010 and was exclusively available at the Country Store of Sonya's Garden. Unfortunately, all stocks have already been sold. Thanks for the query.


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