Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 19, 2010 I'M BACK

In my 4 years of beading neck pieces, I do experience “creative-block” (if there’s such thing) every so often. Thus, I scout (and scramble) for inspirations to help bring back that creative bone. Yet, I end with nothing (bummer!!!).

Beading has become a part of my daily routine. Started as a stress-reliever from the corporate’s daily grind, and is now the JELLY in my bread. hahaha but true. It gives flavour and releases the color wheel swirling in my brain =)

But with last year’s major change (I retired young from the corporate world. 1/2 of the retirement age.) and many activities (my husband and I opened a pharmacy in Molino 3, Bacoor, Cavite), I temporarily shut off myself from the bead world. Unfortunately, last year’s shut off took quite some time. It had to take a 2010 resolution just to open it up again.

Thus, number 1&2 on the list . . . go back to Quiapo tomorrow

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