Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010 PHARMACY DAY TODAY!

I want this day to be a bead day... But it ain't a bead day =(

Resolution # 1 - unblock the "creative-block"...; Resolution # 2 - ...but strictly observe schedules.  I managed to accomplish resolution # 1 (so far so good).  Resolution # 2 is now a major failure.

On the very last day of 2009, I listed how my week should go in my calendar (in my notebook, celphone, pieces of paper, laptop, literally everywhere).  This was the original plan: 

MWF -----  STORE (pharmacy) days
TTh    -----  Bead and/or Bazaar-planning/organizing days
SSun  -----  all the PERSONAL agendas fall on these days

And now, all the days are spent only for beads (last year was the other way around).   I can't!  I must add another resolution ... Resolution # 3:  Make sure to visit the store at least 3 times a week!

Welcome to my other world . . . the world of operations, financials, human resources, research, marketing and sales.  My husband and I managed to open a pharmacy a few months after I left the corporate world in 2008.  Now approaching on its 7th month, I'm just happy to say that we are managing pretty well.

More than anything else, what fulfills us in this venture is the employment opportunities it has provided to the many frustrated job-seekers.  Operated by a 6-man team (pharmacist, store supervisor, pharmacy assistants and our barangay officer who secures the store), each one has a job-related story to tell.

Pharmacist ---  the Mother of the group.  Used to work for a pharmacy in Manila, but has now opted to work somewhere near her place of residence.  Thus, she landed with us =)

Store Supervisor & Pharmacy Assistants ---  3 nursing graduates and 1 computer graduate.  Having nurses in the store is a big plus! They are not only knowledgeable of medicines, sicknesses, but they also handle our other services like Patient Counselling, BP, Fasting Blood Sugar, Uric Acid and Cholesterol tests. Nursing is such an in-demand course due to overseas career opportunities.  But the reality is, a lot are left frustrated.  There are so much nursing graduates who are still unemployed and are not given the right opportunity.  I receive at least a dozen or more resumes of job-seekers with nursing background every month.  Just proves my point.  By the way, 2 of my nurses used to work for a call center. 

On my computer graduate, he's my ever dependable and everywhere assistant.  He not only troubleshoots our computer-related issues, but also acts as our store mascot, handles delivery and acts as DANCE INSTRUCTOR in our store-initiated Saturday Dance Exercise (o yes!  One of the many gimiks I thought of!  Lol!  Besides, he dances very well and is a member of a dance group.  The "Lolas" love him.). Aside from the pharmacy, he helps me sell in my once-in-awhile bazaars (He sells more bead necklaces  than I do. Again, the "Lolas" love and believe him.).

Barangay Officer --- "Mang Willie" as we call him is a totally different story.  He is the now you see me, now you don't staff.  Ensuring a safe and secured store is his primary duty.  He has somehow managed to accomplish his task except for nights when he falls asleep.  Ugh!!!  But his mere presence has been a deterent to bad elements.  Note: I changed my monobloc chairs to stools because of Mang Willie's sleeping habit. 

My staff have their own strengths and quirks (ain't we all).  But, I am proud of each one of them.  I just hope that the feeling is mutual =)

*Crazy-moment with the staff!

*Health is wealth.  Join our Saturday Dance Exercise!!!

*Meet & Greet with Mayor Strike and Lani.

So, will it be a bead day today? Or, a store day?  Definitely Store day!  ...and  BEAD-NIGHT tonight.


  1. Oh man… I love the way you have written on the subject in detail I shall surely have the article saved and the print out of the article shall surely be circulated in the college premises and also within my group of friends. I am sure all of them are going to have a good time reading on the subject.


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