Wednesday, February 24, 2010

february 24, 2010 I WON THE LOTTO!!!

. . .  In my DREAMS!!!  I just wanted to catch your attention.

I was too deep in my thoughts that I have not even noticed the relaxing breeze last night. I did not even bother switching the TV on to catch the newest show of abs-cbn nor work on my beads.

My mind was just too pre-occupied on flashbacks and fast-forwards. In a nutshell, I wondered if there's truth to this theory,  the universal law of attraction.

I've had my share of answered prayers but I've also experienced disappointments.  If I analyze this further,  the answered prayers are those that my heart was truly set on.  These were life-changing moments.  

Although, not all were immediately answered. It took time and needed a lot of patience and perserverance.  There was no other choice but to be still and go with the flow.  It came unnnoticed but at the right time.

The disappointments, on the other hand, were the irrational desires. I may be persistent for some time but realizing later on that these were just a bunch of superficial whims.  Here, I become impatient and crazy :)

Applying this theory to present times . . . now that the race is over and now that my days are simpler . . . I finally enjoy a more diverse yet quiet life.  I see the connection of then and now.

I needed a creative outlet when I was working. By Beaded Story happened.  I had to unblock the creative bead-block and needed to stay inspired,  this blog happened.

I was hesistant to move from my Advertising and Promotions world to Operations.  I knew what was in my heart but I still went on and LEARNED.  Then, the Pharmacy happened.

Now, I want to do something relevant.  I rally for a beautiful Earth. This finally happened . . . .

But I never planned these to show up in the Pharmacy last Monday.  They were already on display when I arrived. This just happened.

Thus, the Universal Law of Attraction must be true.  With what I just listed, here's what I was really thinking of  ...I WON! I WON! I WON the LOTTO JACKPOT!!! ...  SOON☻. . . 


  1. Nice Blog! Just in case you won it na, dont forget us! c",)

  2. Owww Trexx! I'm soo proud of you =) God has really prepared you well as an entrepreneur. Now your talents are going to be multiplied and when that happens to an exponential degree, don't forget your Ad & Promo coworker here in NY! Lookin' forward to more stories of victories Trex!! - Joy Lee

  3. Mike - thanks.
    Joy - See you in NY next year!

  4. This is inspiring Trixie!

  5. Thanks for sharing ur experiences TZ.. this one is very inspiring =)


  6. Thanks Tuesday and Den :)

    Joy - (plus Pat and Irene) - be ready for a blog about us :)



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