Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010 LOOKING UP

Monica knows how I work when I organize shows ...literally from my relaxed, cool mode to my TAZMANIAN DEVIL boiling point.   I am a total freak when it comes to event management.  Every single thing needs to be ready at least a week before (haha!).  Thus, Monica knows what my stare, my hand/finger signals and my body language mean.  I don't need to utter a single word.  She (or rather He!) just knows.

On top of the many concerts and pocket performances we both worked on, Monica has also managed the sounds of my personal activities . . .  like my roof-deck  parties . . . weddings and bazaars that I organize . . . and even my own wedding.  

Being the freak that I am in events, I made sure to direct Monica and her team on my wedding day despite the presence of my friend who acted as the wedding coordinator.  Amidst the many smiles and chats with our guests, there was an  invisible force between us.  When the volume was too loud, I tapped on my ear and she (he) turned it down.  When the microphone needed to be turned on, I glanced her (his) way.  When  she (he) saw me staring at an exposed cable (a pet peeve!), her (his) assistants immediately worked on a cable-disappearing act.

In the many years that we've been doing events together, there is one occasion that I will never forget.

When - a DECADE ago, around 6:30pm

Where - a nook in front of Ilustrado, located at the Promenade of Alabang Town Center (this place is now the sports zone of ATC)

Setting - a piano and a micropone at the middle of the Promenade, with thousands of twinkling tivoli lights drooped from the ceiling

Activity -  Personal talk a few minutes before the show started (A Little Night Music with Agot Isidro)

My status - Totally Devastated!!!  (did not care about the show!)

What she (he) said to comfort me . . .  "Balang-araw, titingala sila sa iyo na parang Tala!". Then, we both laughed.  Yes, it was Monica who introduced to me the words Tingala and Tala

From that time on, I keep LOOKING UP.  It has been my way to unwind . . . to cope . . . and to hope.  I have even captured some photo moments of the act of looking up.  Here are a few of them from my UP photo collection =)

Looking Up from Bryant Park

My husband pointing up!

2 birds up on a lamppost

Trees  on a mountain slope

Posted this photo in my blog last week. A jet zooming across the peeping moon.

The cross up above the chapel where my husband and I were blessed

"Looking Up" is also how I look at my TALA glass collection.  I put each glass against the light before  I work on its transformation.  Every single time I do this, I am brought back to to the time I had my conversation with Monica.  Her (his) words had truly inspired me.

2008 Tala collection

2009 Tala collection

So... a decade after ... my status-HAPPILY MARRIED and absolutely-LIVING MY DREAMS.

Soon to come ... the 2010 Tala Glass collection!

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