Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010 SAVE MOTHER EARTH 2

It's been a week since these boxes were personally brought to my house.

I asked my B=RAVE dude friend  to construct boxes for By Beaded Story a couple of weeks ago. Early last week, he posted a message in my personal facebook account informing me that the boxes were ready.  I was so excited to see his work and therefore decided to host a dinner at home last Saturday. 

I cooked and served a home cooked meal.  Haha!  Well, not everyone knows  I cook.  Even B=RAVE dude friend was amazed.  The only people in my life who know are my husband, mother, aunt, brother, and  sisters (do they know? lol).   There was a time in my life when I cooked and baked a lot.  But life changed and perhaps because of health reasons, I stopped.

But yes!  Cooking from the  happens when I get excited.  These boxes are so special . . . Why?

1.  because these  are handmade
2.  because these are handmade by a good friend
3.  because these are handmade by a good friend using recycled pizza boxes!

In my previous blog, I committed myself (and By Beaded Story) to help SAVE MOTHER EARTH.  Instead of using my usual pouches for packaging, I made a choice to use recycled materials this year.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent my time thinking of how to spruce these up.  I requested for bare boxes so that I can add a few touches of my own.

So, I gathered all these materials that have long been kept in my storage. . .

a 2004 Calendar

Un-used stickers supposedly for my wedding 4 years ago

Then, I ended up with this.

I treat the box as a symbol of MOTHER EARTH . . .

The butterfly or flower are all the living and breathing species on earth . . .

A scent reminder of the urgent need to Save Mother Earth through a eucalyptus leaf is placed under the  lid . . .

I wrote one-liner handwritten notes on top of each box . . . This represent  my commitment to help save Mother Earth!

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  1. Trix, galing mo magsulat ah.... I like the way you explained why the boxes are special... You guys are SO CREATIVE!!!!


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