Friday, September 17, 2010

The Journal Box

It's that time again when bead necklaces are due for delivery to Sonya's Garden. 

As I was getting ready for the delivery, I couldn't help but be thrilled for the nth time of the recycled packaging handmade by B=RAVE dude friend  for By Beaded Story.  And as if life wasn't complicated enough, I opted once again to to make it a bit more complicated by unpacking a few stuff and just to re-pack everything a few minutes later. All because of my eagerness  to share the thrill with you. 

Let's start with this.

By Beaded Story's signature box.  The idea to come up with a journal-like box came to mind while at the midst of my blogging.  As what I've said, there are so much stories to share behind the so-called beading. Thus, this journal box I believe best fits the concept.  The cover of the box is accentuated with recycled stickers or craft accessories cut-out from old calendars or stationeries.  To give it a very personalized flavor which I absolutely value despite the presence of computers and high tech gadgets, I hand write each cover with By Beaded Story's name.

And I insert short heartwarming notes that were collected over the years.   Behind each note, I write this ..

This Box...
1.  Made from recycled material (pizza box)
2.  Made by By Beaded Story's good friend, Bien :)

All boxes are 100% made of recycled materials.  The journal box, in particular, is made from pizza boxes and pages from old telephone directories.  Marked as well are B=RAVE dude friend's signature and the date when the box was made. 

But of course, I welcome  all other shapes and forms too. Here's a round one, again made from a pizza box.

Another round box.

A hexagon? 

This ain't foil.  Are you familiar with that silver lining found inside cigarette boxes?  Yes, that's exactly the one used by B=RAVE Dude friend to wrap this box.

Not related to the topic.  Lol.  But I've been busy with making bookmarks lately.  This also serves as By Beaded Story's calling card.  Again, the journal concept runs in my mind.

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