Sunday, September 5, 2010

Salcedo Market

How's your weekend so far?

Guess what. I was at the Salcedo Market yesterday morning.  I don't mind the 30(without traffic)-45 minute drive from Alabang to Makati. It's retail therapy anyway.  Lol.  Here I go again (and again).   I just can't get enough of this place and most especially the many finds. My mom, who by the way is based in NY, wanted to tag along too.  But how???

 Anyway, here are photos of yesterday's shopping stroll which I share with you and of course my  Mom.  Control the drooling please.  Enjoy ...

Salcedo Market goes GREEN!!! Yay!

Early birds like me :)

Yummy Sausages.

Assorted pies.

Flavored rice with Tinapa, garnished with tomato and red egg.  Yum!!! J. Bond enjoyed it too. Had this as a 10am snack.   Serves two.

Fruits galore.

Shawarma, anyone?

Pritson, only found in the Philippines. I say, poor pig ;(

Barbecue galore.

All About Turon.  So, there is already such thing as flavored turon.  And to think that turon only used to be  all about a banana wrapped in lumpia wrapper. Now, it comes in various flavors.  Lol.

Try the fresh sugarcane drink.  Aside from its health benefits (energy booster and nourishes the liver, lungs and stomach), J. Bond says Yummy!

Native baskets, banigs, table runners, placemats.

Oops!  Caught in the act.  In my newest beaded cloth necklace.  See photo of the necklace on the right of your screen.

Flower power.

Love this hat.


More Made in the Philippines wood products. 
Massager, Soap dish, Bowl, Serving spoons.

Aunt C in action with her eucalyptus plant.

Healthy nuts.

Himalayan salts.  Got a bottle for myself.

Plants and Orchids.

I love the capiz chimes :)

Hay!!! I love spending my Saturday mornings at Salcedo Market.  Can't wait for next Saturday to come :)  To know more, CLICK HERE.

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