Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bath & Body Blank Cards

I searched for a blank note card from my folks apartment the day before they flew back to NY.  There was nothing found, except for stuff scattered everywhere, waiting to be packed or thrown away. National Bookstore-Greenbelt was only a block away and it would have been easier and quicker if I chose to buy a card instead. But NOOOO, laziness got me glued on staying put in the apartment and continued on with the search.  I like things complicated. **Haha. 

In the end, I gave up and shifted the search towards any possible material that can stand in as  a blank note card.  The intention was to write a short note to Pinky, my NY-based BFF, and send it together with these Philippine delicacies...
Iya's Jumbo Pastillas and Sampaloc

Thirty minutes into the search, I lost patience (*haha) and thus, scrapped the idea of writing that note to BFF Pinky.  But then,  well-hidden in a shelf was the answer to my search for that blank note card ... a Bath and Body Works' pink paper bag!
 TA-DA!!!  Problem solved.  I was meant to write that note.  This morning, I was engaged on transforming old paper bags into " paper bag blank note cards".  I'm hooked.

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