Saturday, February 26, 2011

My folks' tropical refuge

Feels like I'm flying back to New York with Mother and Dad2.   But not.  On their last few days here in Manila, I've been preoccupied as well with a long to do list that includes bonding, shopping (*haha), lunch/dinner dates (*haha), and this ...
Welcome to my folks' tropical refuge in Manila.  Winter ain't no longer fun as it used to be, especially after the recent snow storm.  So, the plan is to get away and bask in the Manila sun  during winter in New York.  Hopefully, they'll get by and survive Manila's scorching and skin-piercing summer months. Not fun! But I guess they'd rather have heat than cold.  I'd go for the other way around.
In the meantime, I am left with the task to oversee the evolution of their nest from empty to filled-up.  Deliveries of furniture and appliances are in progress, but the challenge here lies on interior design.  Not my cup of tea.  Unless beads are involved :)

Any design suggestions for a small space?


  1. hi trix, since folks are from new york, transform their mla home to a newyork/ manila apartment where you can mixed modern pieces with woods :-) ex; tagaytay wooden dining table good for 4 or 6 then 1 side w wooden bench then other side with dimensione plastic or fibre glass chairs :-) I have some books and magazines that I can lend to you..

  2. Wow! That would be great, Anna! I'm so lost when it comes to interior design. Hope to see you soon :)


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