Thursday, February 3, 2011

5 Beading Facts

1.  It was this bead necklace from Magnet (a magazine stall) that got me started with beading.  That was five years ago.

2.  Originally, a hundred pieces of my own version of Magnet's bead necklace was what I thought of giving to female guests on my wedding day.  Time obviously was a major challenge especially for a handcrafted type of souvenir. Instead, red, pink, white and yellow potted mums were given away. Less labor. Less toxic.  

3.  I used to bead at night (after work) and ended at 3am, on a mat covered with a white sheet.  Then wake-up at 5:30am to prep things up for another long day at work. I was five years younger then. High energy ruled. Fastforward to present times, I am OVER with night beading and so is my corporate life.  Now, I find mornings the best. Colors come out vivid.  I still do bead on the same mat covered with a white sheet but with an aching back this time.  I refuse to do bead works on a table.  More time is spent running after fallen beads than the work itself.  Lol~!

4.  Trends are great. But I am not an avid follower. My 6 collections -- Beaded Cloth, Laso, Tala, Flora, Chalk and Butones -- are all based on my highs-- Vintage dresses.  Ribbons. Stars.  Nature.  Color (think M&M). and, Buttons.  The design process only happens when I see beads. I suddenly light up, just as quick as it shuts off!  And yes, I am more inspired to bead when watching Kapamilya's Pinoy Teleseryes.
5.  And last, By Beaded Story is now FIVE (same age as my marriage).  Time does fly fast.  Yet, I am still amazed with the wonderful surprises that come my way. Lately, I was asked once again if I hold beading sessions.  At this point, I don't.  I am yet quite unsure of my capability to teach for these reasons:
  • I have had no formal beading lessons.  My beading just happened one day. On my own.
  • I attribute my knack for beading on creativity.  I look at each piece as art.  In fact, I have pieces exclusively meant for appreciation purposes only.  Not for wearing nor selling.  I deviate. I tweak. I alter.  I gravitate towards the opposite, the out of norm. In other words, I  heavily rely on creativity rather than technical beading ability.
  • Lastly, my mood for the moment  dictates my beading.  There are days (even months), like this very moment, when beading is elusive.  I let it be. Until I panic.  Haha!
Nevertheless, I am not closing my door on this wonderful  "how to bead"-teaching opportunity which I actually consider another unsolicited sign. The first sign I talked about in this blog.  Lately, I have been told to stop limit the beading and to find someone to help  with the works since it has unfortunately brought about TWO hard and painful lumps on my right hand. Gosh!  But I remain positive that nature will soon take its course. Maybe one of these days, I can already give you an answer. 

For now, HAPPY 5 to me and my favorite story of all .... BY BEADED STORY!

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