Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 Inspiration...Pinky's floral arrangement

I honestly thought  that my long overdue bead design for 2011 would be stirred up by my visit to the casino a week ago, same as what happened in 2009.  Nothing happened. 
Rather, it was Pinky's valentine floral arrangement for Mother that helped break the laziness and lull. 
The flowers were delivered to Mother two days after Valentines Day, supposedly as a surprise.  Having lived in Baguio for years, Mother chose to spend valentines by visiting her childhood homeland.  So, the harvest of roses and delivery schedule depended on Mother's return. Thanks to Dad2's  involvement, the plan was easier to manage even if we knew of Mother's ability to discover and unearth secrets sooner or later. Of course, she did find out, while Dad2 was asleep. 

The  final text message I sent to "snoring" Dad2 led Mother to hear, read and reply. Ergo, I ended surprised!
Mission accomplished. Thanks to Pinky for her beautiful arrangement and for her flexibility in working around spur-of-the-moment changes in schedule.  I would have definitely gone bonkers if I were in her shoes.  But given her love for arranging flowers,  I knew she'd be patient enough to hang in there :) For friendship's sake!
I've known Pinky for more than a decade now. We began our Ayala Malls adventure on the exact same day, with the exact same designation as Advertising and Promotions Officer.  She handled Greenbelt, while I handled Glorietta.  Later on, we switched assignments.   On our twelfth year, I left and opened new doors, while Pinky stayed on and assumed a larger responsibility.  Yet, we have constantly kept in touch, latest of which was last January's garage sale.  By the way, the next round will happen on March 20.

Despite the different paths we have now taken, I believe that we are still bound by one common knack.  That is, venting out stress on creativity and working with our hands.  Pinky on flowers, while I, on beads.
Pinky has done a lot of floral arrangements for individuals and special occasions like weddings.  And I'm sure she's exhausted from  all the orders and deliveries for Valentines.  If only the  Ikebana ladies can see her now, they'll surely be so proud of her.  Arrangement aside, I like her style of using boxes as flower holder instead of the usual vase.  Something different.  She further accentuates the arrangement with little berries(?) that add color and plants that can be transferred to pots later on. That's the sustainability in her.
After experiencing zero inspiration from the casino, I have psyched myself out on  setting  aside my bead works for the meantime and focus on relaxation instead.  Little did I know that  Pinky's floral work would inspire me and would lead me to rush home with a bunch of newly bought materials to work on last night.  I am thrilled and excited.
Finally, I have found my inspiration and have grasped the direction I will take this year. I am thinking dainty, warm colors, flowers yet simple and classic.  I am thinking bride, maid of honor, bridesmaid yet corporate.  I am thinking vintage, yet modern. I am thinking LACE... it captures all that I have thought of. And I know, it will answer your longtime query by showing what beads I use for By Beaded Story's bead cloth necklace.  Definitely not marbles.
Pardon the watermark. I have to start doing this. To folks who consistently ask, touch and study MY works  due to "copy" and "imitation" purposes, I openly share this with you.  But I am hoping that you'll be respectful and decent enough to create your works that you can  truly call your own.  May your love for beading and creating your very own rule!  Good luck!


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  2. Hi. According to my friend Pinky, it normally takes 4 to 5 days for carnations to survive with water. With no water,expectthe flowers to show signs of wilting within a day. :)

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