Tuesday, February 15, 2011

shopping and CLAPPING at Greenhills

Since the folks and an Aunt are in town, there's definitely splurging scheduled at the Pearl stalls of Greenhills.These stalls are an absolute attraction for tourists and locals like ME.  *Haha.
Obviously, I splurged a bit too even if I tried with all my "mighty-might" to hold back.  But the urge for pearl accessories choked me, and thus, I gave in.  Besides, pearls have never been part of my materials list. It has been beads all this time. So I shopped!

My loot -- a ring and bracelets. Hard to resist most especially the embossed Mother of Pearl bracelet on the top right.

Before the pearl spluging , we found these FUNNY finds too ....

DON'T ENGLISH ME, I'M PANIC shirts. The foks had a ball and bought one for wearing when they return to NY, while the AUNT to Australia.  Note to the folks and Aunt: Thou shall NOT wear when I'm around.  Otherwise, I don't know you, you and you??? *Haha.

How about this sensored sensory toy?  Clap! and it shows you his peek-a-boo. *Hahaha!!!  Pardon the shade.  Not for minors.  Tip: STARE LONG! You'll see.
These folks CLAPPED!!! CLAPPED!!! and CLAPPED!!!   Obviously, they had a blast-ful experience on this free "peek-a-boo" show ... most especially J. Bond and Dad2 -- the hardest CLAP (more like BANG!!!) and loudest LAUGH of all.   OMG!  I HID!  Check it out when you visit Greenhills.

By the way, I'm thinking of hanging these paper lanterns....
 .....whenever and if ever J. Bond and  I uproot ourselves and relocate here hopefully soon.  Will not divulge its location yet.  We're still dreaming at this point.

BEST OF ALL, 6-footer J. Bond carried our Greenhills shopping loot in Mother's giant banig bond. Good Job!  Note to Mother:  Can I have it?  It won't fit in your luggage anyway.

Mother will return to Greenhills again soon.  I'm joining ... and will CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!  *Hahaha!  CHEERS!!!

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