Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy and Confused

I am HAPPY! ... I am CONFUSED!

HAPPY -- I received an email inviting By Beaded Story to join a last Summer hurrah BAZAAR  in June.  Yahoo!!!  A dream come true.   It was late last year when I wrote a mental note of joining THIS  bazaar  while having an alone coffee break in MOHEGAN SUN.....

I was still faced with a huge creative block at that moment. So first step of getting the act together was  jot down mental notes with a cup of coffee while Mom played craps ... while Dad 2 stalked the horse race ...  while  Yaya (our loyal nanny) played the slots ... and while J. Bond was on his way back to Manila. 

KEY LEARNING: an environment filled with "ka-chings" and "jackpots"  is absolutely inspiring and conducive to planning :)  

Here were my notes:

Action 1:  BEAD!
Action 2:  Delete sold out bead photos from multiply site ...
Action 3:  ...and replace with photos of new designs.
Action 4:  Replenish stocks at SONYAS GARDEN.
Action 5:  Look for new consignment opportunities...
Action 6:  ..but must be easy to deal with like Sonyas Garden.

and Action 7:  Join these bazaars -- (Manila) American Women's Bazaar, St. James, Rockwell Tent, Assumption Bazaar, Casa Y Jardin, Karl Edwards. (New York) rent a stall at Bryant Park ... in 10 years time!  Lol!

Actions 1 to 4, accomplished!  5 to 7, work in progress.  7 specifically New York, a LEAP high over the rainbow .... 

I have participated in three out of the six Manila-based bazaars. Thus, I leaped high  with glee when I received an email from the fourth.  And just when I thought that dreams do come true . . .

... I ended CONFUSED -- the rental rates gave me a big shock.  My exact words, "WHAT!!! NO WAY!!!"

For courtesy purposes, I'll keep the  details of the offer in silent mode.  THE WORDS say everything you need to know.   Just makes me wonder if the following factors were taken into account.  I didn't bother to ask.

1.  The event date is an off-peak shopping month. 
2.  More so, the back-to-school month.  Ergo, shopping for pleasure takes a backseat.
3.  Amount of rent is what I pay for my participation in CHRISTMAS bazaars.

Hmm ... my QUESTION (feel free to answer) -- are bazaars still the way to go

I admit that I am an avid "bazaarista" defined in 3 ways:  a SHOPPER; a VENDOR; and an ORGANIZER. 

GOT GIFTS Private Christmas Bazaar in 2008

With my mall background, I thought one day why not put this learned skill to use.  I was very much into the bazaar-mania anyway.  Thus, I started organizing and participating in my own initiated-bazaars. A cost-efficient way to blend By Beaded Story with my new-found knack. I have tweaked and added new flavor to the meaning of bazaar so as not to go head-on with strong and long-time players.   Let me talk about this in detail in another blog.

Vendors Brief for Nuvali's Grand Launch and Weekend Market

With experience as basis, I feel that the bazaars I used to know and follow have slowly lost their novelty.  There is a proliferation of bazaars in every nook and corner of the metropolis, yet offers are all the same.    As confirmed by an aunt (who happens to be a pioneer in joining bazaars), traffic count have posted  a significant decline versus previous years.  Please note that I have no actual research data to support this claim.  This was based from observation (and actual sales).

In J. Bond's own terms, he said .... "bazaars have become a hodge podge of everything the same". 

Yet, bazaars have its good points.  It helps create awareness for your product.  You get to know the market and enhances social skills.  It is business and fun rolled into one.  Temporary in nature = less pressure.  And, You EARN(?!)-depends on when, where, who, why and how.

Wood bags from one of my handicraft concessionares
Taking note of the above, I am  happy and confused. 

Happy because of invitations I received for this year's bazaars.  Confused because of my predicaments on rates and changes in shopping behavior.

So, do I stick with  mental note number 7?   I really have no idea. 

I think I need to schedule a second alone coffee moment pretty soon.

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