Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Images of the Golden Past

I write this blog as I gaze at images of the golden past.  Those glorious years have always been an intrigue.  How  life  was back then ... How days were spent  ... How one saw the world.

I hold on to these images. Hoping that I see what they have seen. I feel what they have felt.

I see and feel a world different from today.

The end of dark yesterdays. The dawn of bright beginnings and the promise of beautiful tomorrows.

A time
.... when grass was green, skies were blue and the world was gold.
.... when glory stood tall.
.... when splendor was rejoiced with pride and honor.
.... when ladies twirled and gentlemen bowed.

A time when GENUINE BEAUTY was at its peak.

Images breeze through my mind.  I  hold on and wonder with a smile.

A glimpse of the golden years . . .

Thank you LaManilena.

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