Thursday, April 15, 2010


I wrote  in this BLOG that there are days when we have to set things aside.  Especially beads.

Last Sunday, my maternal side of the family  celebrated 90.  Cheers, laughter, bonding and love surrounded us all.  There was an abundance of unseen beauty on such special occasion. 

They say  BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER.    We live by our own definition. We see what others may not see.  White may be pretty, yet BLACK can be beautiful. Smooth is flawless, but MARKED is history.  Smiles give us cheer ... TEARS set us free.

Today, I share with you my definition of Beauty ....

90 beautiful years.  Life at its  fullest --- daughter,  granddaughter, mother, sister, grandmother, friend, teacher ... and Guardian Angel. 

Beauty  is beyond what is seen --  Inner strength  filled with grace and immense compassion.  Dedication and Love for God and Family. Lives each day with utmost humility. 

BEAUTY LIES IN THE HEART - A heart that speaks only of kindness. A heart that  gives without asking.  A heart that serves to inspire.

Their names are Lola Ely, 90 years old, and Lola Renee, 91 years old.

They have been blessed with 90 beautiful years.  Yet, we are MORE blessed for having them in our lives.

As they continue with their journey with the same strength, compassion and love, I know my heart will forever look up to them.  They have inspired me (and every member of the family) in so many ways. They have taught me how life should be.

Someday, I wish I be able to walk their path. I see what they have seen.  I give what they have given. I inspire how they have inspired me.

This is how I define beauty.  

Thank you Lola Renee and Lola Ely for sharing the beautiful embrace of 90.
..... your granddaughter, Trixie

P.S.  Today marks my 92nd blog :)

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