Saturday, April 3, 2010

easter HOP-E

My life is marked with a DOOMED THUMB.  I said that with conviction in this BLOG

HOPE for this particular case no longer lives.  I know myself  ... Look the opposite way when ALL means have been exhausted and when HARM has been done! 

Almost a hundred greens in pots have succumbed under my care. Either too much sun??? Or too little water???  I was never able to grasp the mind-puzzling scientific formula to gardening.  Even water-based plants literally wilt then later die on me.

Wish for a garden moments still do drop by, but I have deliberately declared a no plant house to save the greens from doom.  I think it's much better this way. I have already accepted this part of my destiny.  

Yet, "green"  wishes do come true.  Mine came in two wonderful surprises.

ONE, I  planted my own flower garden . . .

I have mentioned in previous blogs the difficulty of designing and  putting together  this year's FLORA collection. It still is.  I have mastered its detailed intricacies, yet the level of difficulty remains the same.  A rule I follow:  One Flora necklace per day per week. If more, disaster strikes :)

I presume the same level of  difficulty (and intensity) comes with gardening.  Right???

Beads are still my preference.  Beads don't breath. 

TWO. Despite my stated claims above, I LOVE plants, flowers, nature. We just don't blend.  However, surprises come when you least expect ........

My neighbor's orchid bloomed on my side of the fence! :)

Happy Easter!

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