Friday, April 2, 2010

My Little Pony

I ceased my urge to hop on this sweet-smelling pony and gallop towards home.  I was faced with a problem-o ... Pony's Height!

Are you a he? Or a she?

The probability of reaching even a mile seemed impossible. Let's say that he stood as high as my leg, which  made me then presume the length of his four legs -- a short stretch from the sole to my knee??? Maybe shorter???

Unlike the horses I came across, this one is the BEST.  Sweet-smelling and friendly most especially with "uneasy-fidgety animal folks" like me. I think he adored the light pat I gave on his sun-bleached head.  There was no budge nor any slight movement.  He just stood still with eyes closed. 

Rare animal bonding moments like this must  be captured and documented.  Husband took three snaps of ME, MY BEADED CLOTH NECKLACE and  PONY ...



Closest :)

See you again PONY on April 30 :)  Promise.

p.s. Did you notice?  Yes, there was an obnoxious-looking ostrich too. Click on the title (My Little Pony) to know where Me and my bead were.

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