Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spider Nim in Wick Island

I was extremely in the mood to go on an adventure after watching this

and this.

The movie duathlon ended with a zesty energy en route to eruption.  At 11pm, volcanoes, ropes, forests, rocks, shipwrecks, goblins, pirates, swords, griffins, hurricanes, fairies ... literally all of it continued to plague my thoughts.  I became part of the thrill and adventure. I love movies that stir the imagination wild.

Too wild that I began my adventure with digging deep for treasure (once again).  It was close to midnight when I finally found the ONE!  The tangled cords and ash-covered pieces needed to be restored and cleansed since it had long been buried in the grave -- 10 years (?) or even more.     I had fun in the wee hours of the night.

At 3:34 am, I declared THE END.... 

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