Monday, April 5, 2010


Tis' the season of Livin' La Vida VACATION!

J. BOND (what I call Husband beginning today)  and I are gearing up for a trip in 2011.  Plans are pretty much set, yet still  too early to declare final. There's enough time.  I hope.  But  I'd rather wait for sister R's  flash report.

Except for these quick getaways --

1) my rendezvous with PONY on April 30
2) return to GOOD SHEPHERD for deeper reflection and 2 more bottles of sugar free strawberry jam SOON
3) and, a Pleasure + on the side Business trip  sometime 3rd quarter

-- the remaining months of this year will be spent in a good ole place called HOME.  Well, this gives me a year-long rest from face-to-face encounters with airport security checks. My "blings" (watch, belt, bangle, charms, pendants, earrings, rings) have been suspects for screaming red WANGS :)   It happened in airports of these countries: Hongkong, Thailand, Taipei and US (Newark).  I never learned.  Proves how much I love the "bling"!

... just like the lady in this strip.  Forget everything but NOT the bling!

Wherever you are going, travel safe.  Have fun!!!

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