Wednesday, April 28, 2010

only FOR you

Should have made this song the "one" while marching down the aisle four years ago. The mind changed for the nth time on the last minute. 

Too late! No sense for regrets and should haves.  Past is past.  Unless J. Bond asks me to marry him again. Then I would say one more time ...  "I'll think about it!".    Ha-ha-ha!  There's no doubt  that I would (marry him again) ... same way, same date, same place, same GUY!

Beads were part of the plan.

So here you go  -- the one-pager wedding plan written on a paper napkin.  The planning took a max of one hour while sharing a grande cup of coffee in Starbucks with J. Bond. That's it.  Pretty much covers everything needed for a decent wedding.  Works (including Church and Reception reservations) began THREE MONTHS before the wedding date.

Note for the soon-to-be BRIDES: The cramming style is NOT for the weak heart. I do events which explains the familiarity. Planning and legwork a year in advance is the best way to take. But then I thrive on stress ... plus the less time, the lesser chances of changing my mind. My rule of thumb: Work with suppliers who do magic!

One-and-only brother handed me over to J. Bond. 

The day was a breeze. I went for past wedding styles -- meaning parents/grandparents style.  Simple yet with a couple of frills --  rich in color (think Christmas in February), a quartet for a nostalgic mood , my flower girl (niece) in pink chucks and  roses for the ladies/couples/family members who made life lovely. Oh! ... and guests were grouped according to "FRIENDS" :)


I am number 2 in the married-sibling count.  The top spot belongs to one-and-only brother.  3rd spot will soon be filled-in by her ...

Sister # 4's confirmed date:  May (?), 2011. Where:  MEXICO!!!  Unlike me, she's way too advanced and organized with the plans.  A MUST especially for a destination wedding.  I'm 100% sure her day will be a  PARTY-BLAST!  I'm thrilled and can't wait any longer ... so are the rest of the family and her "besties" :)

Mums instead of Bead necklaces for the ladies.

Four years after, I thought of sharing with you a little bit of glimpse of 02-04-06.  Nothing grand but a day that is marked for the rest of my life.  

As for you, treat this as my way of saying THANK YOU for taking time  to read my blogs.

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