Monday, April 26, 2010

Afternoon Shopping Date

A week after the FALL, J. Bond and I chose to spend Saturday afternoon on a break mode. 

We locked our door at past 2pm, then zoomed our way for some retail therapy.  Having discovered the healing elements of shopping for recycled paper, I entertained the possibility of  J. Bond healing faster in this same manner too ... (with the hidden intention that he realizes later on that there's truth to my shopping theory.  Then, shopping would be a pleasant breeze!).    He welcomed the idea and that made me very much gung ho ..... considering the deliberate acts I have painstakingly mastered the past week:  Walk Slow and Move with Care -- not so me!

J. Bond, on the other hand, is the opposite.  He walks and strides around with his overly exposed wounded arm and slightly bruised leg.  No trace of worry  (nor shame) at all.  He walks ahead while I trail behind.  Pretty much this way --

Fast actions can be an advantage.  I somehow missed out on what he said. More like he said nothing at all.  I found myself in this situation prior to retail therapy ... 

1st stop --- J. Bond's office clinic for a flu shot.  A surprising way to kick-off an afternoon shopping date.  Something new!  Intentions were good but it felt I have fallen into a pit-filled of tricks.  As I've said, I didn't know.   But then again,  I had my own hidden agenda.

2nd stop ---

Cartimar is located at Pasay, Manila
How could I have allowed him to lead the way?!  For the 2nd time around, I fell into his trick-pit.  Cartimar was in no way part of my therapeutic place to shop list ...  More so the "goods" found in this popular destination.

Except for my continued patronage for this ---

Hot Taho (Soy).  The best I have ever tasted.
and this ---

Frozen dimsum.  Same place where I buy Taho (Soy).
The name of the shop is in Chinese.  Thus, I always forget.
The shop faces the fruit market and is right beside Cartimar's Management Office.

... I rarely join J. Bond each time he traverses the alleyways of Cartimar.  Last Saturday though was an unusual case --- He was fast and I was slow.

For information purposes, Cartimar is better known as ANIMALandia. Popular pets like fishes, puppies, rabbits, birds and  more exotic ones like snakes, alligators, scorpions can be found here.  Shops also carry a wide range of basic and fancy pet accessories.  On top of these pet shops, found as well are plant and landscaping shops, quaint stalls that claim(?) to sell authentic dry goods, a wet market,  Chinese/Korean/Japanese delis, a mini-food court and a handful of BIKE shops~!

You read it right.  I repeat, BIKE shops!  So while J. Bond's jaw dropped in his favorite shop Paulinas ....

.... and capped the shopping with a thumbs up by his wounded arm (thanks to biking! but a sign I took as his acceptance to my shopping theory ), .....

... I was fast in scheduling next day's therapy session.  This time my way :)

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