Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ICE beads

WONDERFUL!!!  The skies are a bit gloomy today.  In fact, I woke up to a soft drizzle.  Refreshing!

It's been this HOT and DRY for the past weeks. 

Just a short weather update:  April 11, 2010 (the birthday of Sister # 3.  Her photo in this blog) was the hottest day declared by the weather bureau. Temperature reached a whopping 36.3 degrees celsius. It was declared in 2009 to reach a maximum level of 32 degrees celsius.  But NO!!!  To think that Summer 2010 just started.  They say the worst is yet to come. 

I have been longing for cooler weather since this EL NINO phenomenon began.  I think longing is an understatement.  Maybe ACHING is more fit to describe my current state --- thirsty and dehydrated.

Even if I prefer the mountains, I am so looking forward to the Pharmacy's swimming summer outing on April 30.  I am excited . . .  so are J. Bond and the team :) 

I am wearing this arrangement on April 30. 
It has a cooling effect especially when you stare long at it. 
Reminds me of ICE :)
I think I'm hallucinating ....
The sun is up!  The gloomy sky is gone!

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