Friday, April 16, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

First, thank you for the overwhelming response on yesterday's blog.  You know who you are ... and I know who you are and where you're from.  Thanks to sitemeter and google analytics -- wonder tools that I use  for cyber research. There's nothing to worry about.  Names don't show, just the location. So I pretty much assume. But if it does(?), your data is safe and well-secured.

If you have not had the chance to read yesterday's blog, feel free to visit and click this LINK.

Second, I have been home alone since yesterday.  J. Bond left for  a business trip, scheduled to return to Manila early morning tomorrow.  Upon arrival, he goes straight to the Pharmacy where he'll find me overseeing and acting like a dentist-wannabe for our Libreng Bunot (free tooth extraction).   This will be the first time the Pharmacy will be doing such activity and this gives me the thrill!  Thanks to my good, good, good dentist-since high school friend, Karl, and her professor-dentist husband, Jun, for extending a helping hand.

Third, When the cat is away, what do I do? ....  No doubt I use BOTH laptops :) One for the Pharmacy and the other for By Beaded Story.

and Fourth, addressed to my brother and aunt who were both briefly mentioned in this BLOG ....

Brother --  you enticed me to replace my jurassic laptop with something newer, modern and lighter.  I did! But I still keep the old one.  I find jurassic more functional.  The monitor is bigger.  haha!.

Tita -- you said over lunch yesterday that I am as "low-tech" as you are. Let's just say that there is a major need for you to already replace your 15-plus years ago computer with a cable-free laptop on which every single part is built into one.  There definitely won't be a ready answer from me for questions pertaining to cables and hook-ups.  Unless brother answers the long list.  But then again he's far far away.  Haha!


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