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September '07 issue of ENTREPRENEUR

A few months before my wedding in February 2006, handcrafted bead necklaces were what I wanted to give as souvenirs to female guests.  I thought of making and giving this...

With the limited time, the tedious preparation, the lack of know-how and the clueless thought on where to source materials, I ended with potted mums.  It took a few months after I settled in my new home that I finally began my new-found romance with beads.

The romance began with re-arranging existing necklaces that I have not used for so long.  I went through a self-taught, trial and error process, since I intentionally made no plan of attending any professional bead training.  It took a short time to get the hang of it.  This I attribute to my passion for beads and eagerness to quickly learn. 

In my eagerness, I discovered mall-based shops that sold the beads I needed.  Visits started with one day a week which later on evolved to five days a week.  With my almost every single day visit and yet faced with the same bead choices, I grew bored.  I scouted for new options from all possible avenues until I came across the September 2007 issue of ENTREPRENEUR magazine.

I was ecstatic and grateful to Entrepreneur for sharing relevant information that I searched for. With this magazine in my bag,  J. Bond and I braved the overcrowded and messy streets of Quiapo one Saturday morning. 

I wrote about Quiapo in this BLOG.


I used this map found in the same issue as my guide for directions to Villalobos Street -- the "bead" street in Quiapo.  We were well-geared for the battle and found it relatively easy until we made a wrong turn.  It could have been a breeze if streets were de-clogged from the clutter.  But it is the clutter that defines the soul of Quiapo. 

We finally found the street after having asked a dozen times for directions from street vendors.  As soon as I stepped foot on Villalobos, I knew I was in la-la-la bead land! 
Villalobos St. is a small thoroughfare that extends all the way to the sprawling Quinta Market.  Many of the shops in this extremely busy street sell anything and everything you need to set up a fashion accessories business.  The products they carry include plastic and glass beads, hooks, jewelry locks, leather necklace, cords, metal wire, and even pouches and boxes where you can keep the bead necklaces that you have made ... Entrepreneur. September 2007 issue. Bargains in Quiapo

The arch seen in the photo marks the start of Villalobos Street which faces the main entrance of Quiapo Church. On its left is Mercury Drugstore. Thought of sharing with you a few landmarks in case you plan to drop by.

I frequent this place up to this day even with a more expanded list of bead suppliers found here and abroad.  I have grown accustomed with almost all of the shops, stalls and vendors. In my frequent visits, I have learned by heart the different routes to get to Villalobos Street.  I no longer make a wrong turn. 

The information I gathered in 2007 led me to become an avid reader of Entrepreneur.  I regularly refer to this magazine for information and new opportunities.  It has also been a source of INSPIRATION to budding entrepreneur dreamers like me and most especially my husband J. Bond.

It is also noteworthy to mention that it is because of this article featured in Entrepreneur's December 2008 issue .....


... that J. Bond discovered the "Pharmacy". 

We launched the grand opening of our GENERIKA DRUGSTORE -MOLINO 3 BRANCH  on July 11, 2009.

Grand Launch of Generika Molino, July 11, 2009. 
From left:  Mr. Teodoro Ferrer, J. Bond, Me, Lani Mercado-Revilla, Mayor Strike Revilla
Thanks Entrepreneur!

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