Monday, March 21, 2011

Then and Now

Lately, I have been asked by family and friends how I spend my days as an early retiree.  Controlling myself  from shouting out loud FABULOUSLY FREE, I often reply with a rundown of activities from Monday to Sunday.  Most often, I receive a mix of responses. A stunned response upon hearing my jampack list of things to do even as a retiree...or a dreamy reply of wanting to be in my shoes someday.  Well, one thing is for sure.  My Tuesdays are my Saturdays and Sundays combined.  And the rest of the days fall under a weekday. Busy, oh yes but in a much rather fulfilling sense.  I am my own master and my own slave!

I think the inquisitive minds (*haha) are nothing but curious.  So here's a bit of comparison of what was then and now...

Let's start with events.  Ayala's delegation in its first ever participation in the Makati Day Parade.   Despite the long wait, the end-to-end fashion walk along Ayala Avenue (with floats, characters in costume and celebrities) and the rain that poured mid-walk, I ended high that day...for having survived everyone's whines and complaints.  *Hahaha.

Medical Missions, my Monday and Saturday events from the day I retired.  This morning's medical mission held at Molino 5's barangay focused on children, while next week is solely for senior citizens.  In this event, I am fulfilled yet emotionally involved.  It is a fulfillment to give and to provide services for the benefit of health.  But it truly breaks my heart to witness firsthand the aches and pains by most especially those in need.   Nothing like the whines and complaints I got from Makati Day Parade's delegation.

Lunch-ing around Greenbelt's casual dining restos with my closest girls in the office. Missing them right this moment.  But yes, this happened often :)

There's no such thing as casual dining resto from where I spend my days regularly.  The discovery of street food joints, like the Buy 1 Take 1 hamburgers of Angel's Burger, is marvelous, tasty and cheap.   Sarap!

Acting goofy with the girls right in front of the big boss's office.  

This morning's medical mission with the Pharmacy girls and Molino 5's Kagawad Vilma.  Gone are the goofy days, but the talk while at the midst of a medical mission keeps me alive.  All about love and happiness.  *Hahaha.

So to family and friends who asked, hope that bit of info helped.  My days I believe run on the same busy mode and still with a semblance of what was then, but with a much more meaningful sense NOW. Nothing has changed with the beading by the way --- then and now, it happens after my day's affairs.  Aside from Chunky Beads, here's what's coming soon...

 Cheers!  Have a great week ahead of you :)

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