Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Philippine Tatler envelopes

I'm guilty.  I still use plastic bags when needed.  It does come in handy, most especially on rainy days.  Believe me when I say I try my best to do my share to help save Mother Earth.  I really do.  But today, I wanted and needed A LOT  of plastic bags.  So my collection of reusable bags were deliberately left home as I made my trip to South Supermarket (Alabang) after lunch.

But to my surprise, my groceries were packed in these brown paper bags instead.  The very first time I experienced such in Manila.  Wow!!!
In support of the conservation of Mother Earth, I was told that Wednesdays are non-plastic bag days.  A great enviromental move of South Supermarket regardless of the known fact that Filipino consumers are  much accustomed to using plastic bags.  Thus, I was given a choice between a big box or brown paper bag.  Of course, I chose the latter knowing that I may convert these later on into something else.   Here's more, the "angel" security guard who helped load my groceries into the trunk of my car shared information that  plastic bags will no longer be available in South Supermarket by January 2011 as mandated by the local government of Muntinlupa.  GREAT!!!

On my end, I am not totally plastic-free yet.  But I've been doing these little recycling efforts for Mother Earth...
These boxes made from recycled materials like pizza boxes, old directories are used as packaging for my Tala bead necklaces.  I have talked about these boxes HERE.  But lately, I've been cooking up something else since I'm so much in the mood to organize and declutter.
A collection of Philippine Tatler (plus Yes! and Preview) magazines torn page by page and converted into these envelopes ...
My paper preference goes to Philippine Tatler for its thickness. 
 How it looks inside ...
These envelopes will be used as packaging for my bead cloth necklaces instead of the usual pouch during the December 10-12, 2010 bazaar at Alabang Hills Village.  Each envelope looks slim, chic and may even be used as a gift packaging.  All that needs to be done is to tie a ribbon around it :)
A must mention ... next photo are two envelopes which show the home of Manny Pacquiao in Los Angeles taken from YES magazine :)
Addressed to my two friends/ex-office colleagues, AC and Grace, who are often seen in  Tatler, WELL...I have turned your feature(s) into "smaller" envelopes for rings.   Hahaha!!! 

To By Beaded Story patrons, the regular pouch still exists, but now sold at Php10/piece. 

Or perhaps, it's time that you also make a change for Mother Earth's sake :)

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  1. SM does brown paper bags on Wednesdays too. I think it's great! Thing is, ang nipis ng paper bags nila. Mabilis mabutas. So I tell them to put my stash in a box nalang.

    This Christmas, aside from the left over Christmas wrappers I have, I am also using old glossy magazines to wrap presents. Iniisip ko pa kung lalagyan ko ng ribbon. Hahaha!


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