Tuesday, November 30, 2010

St. James the Great Bazaar 2010

How's your Christmas shopping coming along?  I'm dilly-dallying on this task.  Been feeling too lazy due to the rush and traffic that has been going on.  Really stressful!  Or, are you  one of those who have turned Christmas shopping into a career that by now you're pretty much sitting pretty?  Hehe.  Bummer! Talk about Christmas SPIRIT!!! 

Ok, I was all geared up to jumpstart my shopping at the St. James the Great Christmas Bazaar over the long weekend. Apparently, everyone else thought and did the same...
Think maze with hurdles, obstacles and stopovers.

The food area, at 11:00 AM!  Yikes! 

The shopping RUSH is officially here.

Santa's nook.  My favorite part of the bazaar - Locally-made Christmas decors, interspersed with stalls selling houseware stuff.

Scene from my favorite part of the bazaar.

Wood carvings:  Holy Family and Mother and Child. After 30 minutes of overtaking shoppers and jumping over hurdles, I finally found something to buy.  Bought these for two loving aunts.  Yay! 

Ceramic ducks.  Their ugliness grew on me.  I now see them pretty. Haha!  I swear, these ducks made me laugh out loud.  I'm sure the sales staff thought of me as cuckoo. Better yet, quack quack! Of course, something that makes me laugh is worth bringing home.  Mother duck and  3 ugly ducklings are now all on-display.

Stalls along the field.

The soccer/firsbee field converted into a  rest and play area. 

Parking was a major problem.  We parked really far far away.

I'm not so done yet with my Christmas shopping. To sum it up, only two were scratched out from the list.  Hopefully, I finish the remaining 100 this week.  Ha!Ha!

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  1. This bazaar used to be my favorite. I used to finish my Christmas shopping here. Then gave up on it around 4-5 years ago, when they expanded the area and rented out stalls to practically everyone! Nawala na yung unique finds.


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