Friday, November 19, 2010

Another year older

THANK GOD for friends like Patti J. who is tremendously an expert in busting away the bugging depression that stems from the horror of aging and make you see THE LIGHT instead! You see, I have long ago made a stand that my birthday, the day itself, must be celebrated in hiding.  Sort of a selfish ME-time considering that all other days are spent with everyone else existent in this world.

Last year, my day was celebrated shopping in Woodbury Commons with Mother, Sister 3, and Sister 4 ... absolutely far far away from the Manila crowd. 
The years before that was all about taking a one day leave from work, pay my doctor a visit at St. Luke's in Quezon City and shopping in Greenhills ALONE.

This year, I saw myself in the pits of depression months before my day arrived.    Nothing major to worry about.  Again, it was only all about aging.  Until Patti J. sent this encouraging message in Facebook saying, Let not depression nor anyone steal your blessings from A to Z =) That ended it and I was back to my usual self.  Somewhat resolved in celebrating the day in hiding once again.

But to an expected turn of events despite the deliberately HIDDEN birthday notice in Facebook,  MOTHER posts her greeting, then the rest of the world remembers/discovers. Haha!  Nevertheless, I give my sincerest THANKS for the warm greetings sent my way.  I have resolved (I hope!) to be a bit more sharing with special moments like this from this time on.  After all, another year older is a blessing right?!

And so, this year's birthday was spent indulging myself with my non-changing HIGHS and "unusual" FINDS ...

It was a SHOCK to see a family of IGOROTS (parents, 3 children, and grandma who smoked a pipe) walking along the side street of Bellevue Hotel in Alabang.  Due to my frequent missing camera and fast changing color of the traffic light from red to green, this is the only photo I was able to capture --an Igorot boy who carried along a dog in his "back-pack" basket and  was protected from the drizzle by a pink umbrella. For reference purposes, click on this link to get an idea on how the family  exactly looked. 

Christmas is in the air, and I haven't began my Christmas list yet.  Newly delivered POINSETTIAS at Bufini, Alabang Town Center. I'm wishing for one!  But then again, I've declared months ago that I've got a doomed thumb.

I blame it on my parents for having me exposed to the world of MASSAGE at a young age.  Think 7 years old. When in Tagaytay, I go for Divine of Sonya's Garden.  But on my birthday, it had to be Hannah of Mandarine Alabang Town Center.
Tranquility and Nirvana at Mandarine ...

It is a fact that BAZAARS fall under my HIGHS. Tina C. of Zonta Alabang personally invited By Beaded Story to be part of this year's bazaar.  But since the date fell smack on my birthday, I skipped on this one. Maybe, next year.  Nevertheless, I dropped by ...

And enjoyed!!!

J. Bond strolling along the kids area of the bazaar.

Boy, I wanted to bring home a HERMIT CRAB.  Best fits my description when celebrating birthdays -- a HERMIT!  Seriously, I was thinking to buy a bunch for my  nephews and nieces for Christmas.  But we've still got a month to go and  I was definitely doubting myself if I could sustain and mantain breathing crabs! So, I made the decision to forego of the idea for now and buy the crabs A DAY before Christmas instead.  Haha!

Would love to have a wooden NATIVITY SET someday... when storage concerns have already been resolved. 

Speaking of storage.  Yo! Universe, I need this ....

I hear you MOTHER and Sister 4 too, BAG again!!!   Yup, I am addicted to bags in all shapes and forms.  So here's my birthday gift to myself. A set of 3 bags from Casa Amarillo- small, medium and large :) These 3 shall be used as my pack-sell-and go luggages during bazaars.

The bus that cruised along the streets of Ayala Alabang. 
Wow!  In Alabang ... Manila ... Philippines ...Year 2010!!!  

Don't you think it's cool to have a Jollibee  greet you when you arrive home?  Hahaha!  Yum-burger!!!

 Again, thanks guys for the greetings!  Mwah!!! xoxo

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