Sunday, November 14, 2010


So Manny Pacquiao wins once again!  Yay!!!  A proud moment for us Filipinos.

By now, it is official that my birthday does coincide with Pacquiao's fights.  Last year's fight, which happened exactly on MY day, was celebrated in my brother's home in Rockland ....

the many faces and phases of Pacman

2009 Pacquiao-Cotto fight. 
The bold members of the fam, J. Bond, Dad2, Brother, Sister 3 and Sister 4. 

I'm a sissy!!! Can't stand the clobbering.  So I watch the whole game practically with eyes closed or hidden under the sheets ... or whatever can provide immediate comfort.  The rest of the fam, on the other hand, are way too bold and courageous.   They watch with gusto and an over-the-mountain hi-powered energy.  My brother, by the way, is such an expert "commentator" of Pacquiao's fights.  He's got a comment for every move, strategy, including facial expressions!  While I, again the sissy of the group, frequently change sides or preference.  Believe it or not, my heart often goes for the underdog.  Lol. 

Anyway, here we go again.  Today's  the day before MY day.  And, Pacquiao wins!  As expected.  This time against Antonio Margarito.  I thought of celebrating my birthday one day in advance knowing that malls and restaurants will be free from the usual Sunday heavy crowd.  Only Pacquiao can do that!  True enough, lunch at Cibo was very relaxing.  We owned the whole place :)

But here's a totally different scene from the neighboring restaurants ...

During Pacquiao's fights, a lot of restaurants offer an exclusive live telecast of the fight for a fee of Php800. A good way to generate sales!  The fight comes with a drink and a meal.  I assume that a lot do avail of the offer and all seats quickly booked. Windows are covered with Manila Paper/Banner to ensure that only those who paid Php800 enjoy the exclusivity.

But then, if there's a will there's definitely A WAY!!!

The scene at California Pizza Kitchen.  They must have X-ray vision.  Lol!

Hahaha!  I really wonder how these two can see thru the Manila Paper.

Moving on to TGI Friday's


Ang galing mo, Manny!  Ang daming Peeping Toms because of  you.  Cheers!!!

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  1. ha ha ha! nice one. I did that in the mountains of sta fe, watching with tricycle drivers and sidecar driver by a house in the mountains of nueva ecija, its was fun and worth all the cheers! I think it was against Marquez! :)


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