Monday, November 22, 2010

Family Portrait

O-M-G!!!  My instructions to Mother last night was to take and immediately send via email  a DECENT photo of the New York-based fam for submission to a government agency.

Not this way ...
LOL!!! HAY NAKU!!!  Only Adam (sister 3's bf!) and baby Richa got it right. 

Anyway ... meet my whacky fam.  Obviously, the whacky-ness comes from the matriarch in red ... who by the way is arriving in a jet plane soon.

MOTHER, don't forget the Kidston stuff please ...  I like this, this, plus ALL THESE! Connection-loud and clear! Nanu-Nanu!

Missssssssssss you guys. Hugs and kisses to Kitty girl, Mister NO, and RichA!!!


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