Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Made of Grass

Set sales aside (hehe), the pharmacy staff has never failed to amaze me.  Over the weekend, they broached the idea of sprucing up the store's one year old Christmas decor.  They must have found it boring, I thought.  No creativity. No pizzazz. 

Well, this was last year's decor...
What do you think? Har!Har!  The photo says it all. Need not say more.  And so, I gave in to the request but with an extra oomph-of-a challenge of course. Besides, nothing comes easy especially when it comes to talking about putting a one year old decor to rest.  No way!  Here was my declaration ... YES to sprucing up  the decor, but NO to any additional expense *said with conviction and a sheepish smile =D 

This morning, I saw this.
Looked like a box-load of trash!  Note: Nothing to be alarmed about.  This was found in our pantry and definitely not where the medicines are stored. But these ain't trash.  These are actually dried wild grass plucked by the Pharmacy boys from this nearby vacant lot.
Apparently, they are in the process of creating a nativity scene for display in one corner of the Pharmacy.
It is still a work in progress but I am speechless and in awe with their creativity, ingenuity and determination, despite the existence of a no budget mandate.  Aside from dried wild grass, the staff also made use of the year-long  bamboo stored in our  pantry.
These bamboo originally came with the floral arrangement displayed during the Pharmacy's grand opening last year.
 Now, I see wild grass in a different light.  To my Pharmacy team, BRAVO!!!
P.S. The boys are in the process of cutting more grass.  I asked for a box of dried grass for my own use as well. I think this can spruce up too the Christmas gifts I'll be handing out soon.

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