Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Mother's Heart Bead Necklaces

Early this year, my plan was to design a piece that gave tribute to my Mother and all Moms on  Mother's Day.  Something heartwarming, unique, yet fashionable and suitable for everyday wear. Thus, this gave birth to By Beaded Story's Mother's Heart Bead Necklaces -  three Mother Mary pendants  bound by a 5-beaded strand necklace that  may either be worn long (think from the neck down to the belly) or double loop as seen in this photo.

The production of these necklaces did not end as originally intended  on Mother's Day.  I continued on for the main reason that I fell  in love with the piece.  Now, it is readily available at Sonya's Garden and a few selected bazaars in Manila.

Recently, a handful of clients requested for a shorter version of this necklace.  They claim that the long ones do not suit their height.  As they say, "from the neck down to the knee and not the belly" :) So here you go, three out of five shorter Mother's Heart bead necklaces.  For the vivacious ladies I met weeks ago ...




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