Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Nephew's Song

The break-mode bug is still here. Four days now but slowly getting back to reality.  To shrug this off, I have started my arrangement for mother's day.  Let's just say that 3 similar images in a span of one month have called my attention to get going.  The third image made a strong impact last Sunday.  The biggest of them all. A reminder that Mother's Day is a few days away.

Since the bug still pretty much bugs me around,  can't help but reminisce my NY trip a few months ago.   It was during this trip I first met my nephew (lil bro of my FLOWER GIRL / HELLO KITTY NIECE).  The mini-me of my one and only brother and whose  favorite word is "NO"!

Wish I can zoom my way to NY for lots of little hugs and kisses (note: Nephew is not too fond of this.).   But for now, I will have to make do with these  photos.

Miss ya, kiddo ... especially your cranky way of saying  "NO"!  Want to squeeze you hard and give you eeky kisses on your cheek this very minute!!! Watch and listen to this.  I often imagine that this is you and your dad ....

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  1. Hi Trixie! Great post this is, I enjoyed reading it. I have an award for you in my site. Come and pick it up there --


    Have a nice week! :)


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